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Intermediates of Ivabradin
Intermediates of Silodosin
Intermediates of Linezolid
Intermediates of Moxifloxa
Intermediates of Irinoteca
Intermediates of Entecavir
Side Chain of Doripenem
Side Chain of Biapenem
Abiraterone acetate
Butane-1,4-disulfonic acid
Intermediates of linaglipt

Jiangsu Yutian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.is located in Dapu Pharmaceutical Zone of Lianyungang City in Jiangsu Province. It is a new and high-tech enterprise engaged in research and production of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, medical high-grade intermediate and other fine chemicals. We make efforts to provide wide customers with superior quality product. Covering an area of 66400 square meters and a construction area of 37600 square meters, our company has 8 synthesis plants, 1 GMP and FDA standard cleaning shop, modern and advanced production equipment, leading grade laboratory and excellent quality control center. In addition, there is outstanding technology development, production and management talents. Due to high quality and superior service, our products have been exported to Japan, South Korea, India and Europe. We sincerely welcome wide customers to visit us and pay guidance on our work! We would like to create brilliant future hand in hand with you!

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