Jiangsu Yutian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  

Intermediates of Ivabradin
Intermediates of Silodosin
Intermediates of Linezolid
Intermediates of Moxifloxa
Intermediates of Irinoteca
Intermediates of Entecavir
Side Chain of Doripenem
Side Chain of Biapenem
Abiraterone acetate
Butane-1,4-disulfonic acid
Intermediates of linaglipt

We always insist on the concept of “creating healthy life on basis of research and development”. Our target is to build a world’s pharmaceutical company. We are fighting to achieve new leaps and breakthrough with enterprise and innovation.

Jiangsu Yutian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. takes "creating civilization unit" as our target in enterprise culture development since the establishment. For years, our corporate image and coagulative power has been promoted remarkably. As modern management concept, management method, corporate culture will play important role in future enterprise development.

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